Teaching & Learning

Preparatory School


At Steadfast Preparatory school, we believe that learning is an interactive and exciting journey of discovery.  If children enjoy learning, they will carry this attribute through to the rest of their lives. Recognising that every child is unique and has their own learning style, we are dedicated to the all-round education of the individual. Our team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated faculty delivers the curriculum using innovative styles, methods and resources, whereby learning becomes collaborative, rich and negotiated, bringing out the best in every student who comes through our doors.

The family-oriented setting of Steadfast, ensures that our students are nurtured in a safe and secure environment where values of excellence, compassion, piety, respect and gratitude are fostered. We also involve parents in a number of activities running in the school.

Esther Munyoki



Steadfast Academy preparatory school caters for leaners of age of 6 – 11 years old.  The section is structured in key stage 1(year 1 to year 2) which is year 1 and key stage 2 (year 3,4,5 and 6)

In this stage, structured learning takes place where learners are encouraged to indulge, explore, experiment and enquire on different topics in a subject to enhance their learning journey. Learners are equipped with different skills set that enhances their critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and problem-solving ability.

This stage becomes a solid foundation in a learner’s life where their confidence is nourished, their outlook on different aspects is developed and their Islamic identity is built on.

Preparatory Curriculum

In preparatory school we use Cambridge curriculum for the secular subject, Albasair curriculum for the Deenyat and Al Arabiya baina Yadeeik for the Arabic language.

Cambridge Primary provides a broad and balanced education for learners, helping them to thrive throughout their schooling, work and life. The Curriculum, develop learners to be confident, responsible, reflective innovative and engaged.

The learners sit for progression test from year 3,4,5 and 6 these assessments are provided by Cambridge international. At Grade 6 student sit for a check Point assessment that is also provided by Cambridge to mark completion of the primary level. The subjects offered in our preparatory school are English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspective, Information and communication technology, Physical education, world Geography and Kiswahili.

The Cambridge curriculum is aligned with Al Basaeer curriculum, that ensures that the most essential concepts of deen are taught to children at an early stage in their lives and that Quran is taught with proper Makharij and Tajweed. Al-Basaeer curriculum begins with a solid foundation of Adaab, Fiqh, and Tawheed during key stage 1 and extends to Seerah and Quran Tafseer in key stage2. Quran recitation and the biography of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon you) is observed annually.