Steadfast Academy is an Islamic international school that offers both Islamic and Cambridge curriculum. We strive in making a difference in our community by nurturing long life learning in a safe and caring environment

How we learn at steadfast

Our founding principle is that students are gifted differently and thus adopting the philosophy of every child has a genius. Every child is given an opportunity to explore their ability and shine.  Ultimately, it is our goal that Steadfast students will transit into the world as positive and impactful contributors to the society as they maximize their full potential. We also have a solid commitment to foster in our students a strong sense of community, mutual respect and compassion for others.

What we learn at steadfast

At steadfast we follow both the Cambridge and Al Baseer curriculum. The balance of our unique integrated program helps ensure that each child is well prepared not only for higher education but also a successful and rewarding life that is spiritually inspired. We encourage our learners to embrace the world with moral uprightness, intellect, and prowess.

What Our Parents Say

Muhaymin Mwenesi

    Steadfast Academy is a space for parents seeking an environment where their child can excel and become the best. The close relationship the school administration has with parents ensures a tailor made experience, and a willingness to listen and improve has been worth it. Alhamdulillah our children are showing traits of being confident, curious, God conscious, and respectful. We pray to Allah (swt) for the school to grow

    Muhaymin Mwenesi

    Lawyer and Communication Specialist

    Dr Warda Hassan

      I am very pleased and thankful for Steadfast Academy, an integrated school that has really helped my children grow in both Islamic and secular education within a short period. I want to thank the management and staff who continue to take on challenges in betterment of the school. I am thankful for the introduction of clubs and extracurricular programs. Also the school's continued efforts in training of the staff is commended.

      Dr Warda Hassan

      Mother of Jameel & Manaal


        I am amazed with the progress Steadfast Academy has made being a relatively new school in comparison to other schools. It exemplifies and balances the Cambridge International curriculum and the deeniyat studies really well to nurture our children. They have introduced co- curricular activities such as skating, karate, etc with ICT and STEM programs. Steadfast Academy is preparing our children for a successful rewarding life


        MD, Dakawou Transport Limited

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        Steadfast Academy is an Islamic school that offers both Islamic curriculum including Arabic and the Cambridge International curriculum.



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