Teaching & Learning

Early Years


At steadfast early years we receive children from 18 months and we can assure you that they get the extra care that make our school special. Not only we make the child feel at home with the warmth that our qualified staff is able to show but love and uncountable resources that enable our learners to develop accordingly, emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially.

Our steady and balanced curriculum gives our learners an opportunity to grow and get exposed to endless experiences that make every day a memorable one. Our children progress step by step  at their own pace and are well grommed with the I can do it attitude.

As the school grows, our aim is to always add to our current curriculum something extra that keep our children motivated and looking forward to the next day of learning, be it in Creative Arts, Technology, Physical Eductation, Inter-school matches, field trips and so on. Reading sessions are fun too and we have super interesting reading series to offer our children. The highest standards of learning is offered to our children as well as preparing them to be independent, confident, through our endless materials used in  Montessori class. The children are groomed to be all round citizens and that makes me so proud!!

Come and vist us and enjoy our codusive, fun filled, home away from home enviroment

Mrs. Nur Albaity



Steadfast Academy early years is a fantastic school that has a great family bond. Everyone works together to focus on what matters most, developing a genuine love of learning in every child. We are especially keen on the youngsters because that is where all the molding and nurturing begins. The childhood experience orients the child in a structured classroom setting. We create an atmosphere, which not only fosters independent and creative expression but also recognizes the unique talents of every child. Our cheerful fun-filled setting provides children with an enriching start to their education.

our experienced and dedicated team whose main focus is delivering the highest educational standards in a fun and loving environment. The team ensures every child grows and develops love for learning by using the activity-based approach.

At the age of two, children join the Baby class where their social skills, fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination are developed in playful activities that are engaging and fun filled. The children continue through the Early Years: Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Pre- School classes and then transit to Year 1.

Early Years Curriculum

At Steadfast Academy Early years, we follow a balanced curriculum that harmonizes between Islamic values and secular teaching. Our program strives to fulfill the needs of the child by targeting the six basic areas of development: spiritual, psychological, emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. We are a happy school, where every child is valued and cared for. Children are given opportunities to receive a superb education whilst developing their personal and social character. Both curriculum programs are guided by a fusion of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Montessori. The programs are linked and monitored to ensure a smooth and easy transition to the next level.

We are determined that every child should read and write. To achieve this in the secular department, we teach systematic synthetic phonics through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. In Quran classes, we reinforce Qaidah and Nooraniya. This provides a rich foundation on Arabic reading, writing and practice of huruf blending.

We are very keen in all the aspects of learning and wellbeing of our children so as to develop a holistic child who is happy, inquisitive and eager to learn. Equal emphasis and effort is put on co-curricular activities and sports as well.  Our well-equipped playground provides happy moments; they drive cars and ride bicycles that help the students to bond and encourage team spirit. Our role play area enhances creativity and help children to discover the world around them. Learning is also enriched through fun and hands on activity such as art, pottery, educational trips, field trips, spiritual uplifting, life skills, ICT lessons and much more are offered.