Co-Curricular Activities

Our co-curricular activities are designed to build our learners holistically offering skills that are not captured in the curriculum but are important to nurture them. We instill responsibilities and leadership skills by teaching our learners the 7 habits of effective people we inculcate these habits in every aspect of their schooling life. These lessons are conducted in their life skills lessons from early years to senior school.

At steadfast we offer a wide variety of clubs to Capture the different talents and interest of our learners.   Once a week our students participate in clubs such as roller skating, karate, lawn tennis, STEM, scouting, cookery, public speaking and virtual reality lessons.

Our Philosophy

Every child has a genius

School Time

Monday – Friday

Student Ratio

Max 20 Students / Class


Depends on Program


Join Our e-Academy Class

We are currently offering online classes through our very own e-academy.