Sport is a vital program at Steadfast Academy that encourages physical and emotional wellbeing.  The school is passionate and is continuously improving this program.

The school has a newly renovated football pitch and a multipurpose court to ensure our learners understand the basics of every sport before focusing on one particular sport that they prefer. The sports lessons are conducted by qualified coaches and preparing our learners to participate in different tournaments both locally and internationally. Physical fitness is an important piece of the well-rounded individual. These activities also refine motor skills and promote healthy beginning in early years and continue throughout the years. They also develop students’ appreciation for teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.

Our learners have two physical education lessons per week. Where learners are taught different sporting skill sets to enhance their stamina and develop a liking in having physical

The physical fitness program in our school is celebrated annually during the Sports Day, where learners participate in different races to showcase the skills, they have acquired in enhancing their physical wellbeing.

Design and technology

At steadfast Academy we introduce our learners to the world of coding and build up their capacity with digital designing and 3D printing this expands their horizon on the technology world and we are able to develop them from being users of technology to inventors at an early age. 

Our Philosophy

Every child has a genius

School Time

Monday – Friday

Student Ratio

Max 20 Students / Class


Depends on Program


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